Why Kayal will cheat the audiences?


Prabhu Solomon’s Kayal starring debutant Chandran and Anandhi is getting ready for release on day after tomorrow for Christmas. Prabhu Solomon has created a trenchant mark for himself by making top-notch films blend with reality and emotions. But on the pars, both his super hit films like Mynaa and Kumki had tragic deaths in the climax that disappointed the audiences slightly. Nevertheless, this time it looks like the climax for Kayal is going to be different. As known earlier, the film is set in the backdrops of Tsunami, where the young lovers get separated and finally if the female lead Kayal survives or not would be the main twist. Some of the sources claim that the makers have decided to have a positive ending for this film. Moreover, Prabhu Solomon in an interview has used the words that Kayal is a film of emotions, relationships, separations and reunions.