Special gesture of Karthi attracts innocent children

It is a rarity to see a busy actor amidst the hectic schedules keeping aside all his commitments and go for something that touches his heart and revives his soul. Actor Karthi was busy shooting for his upcoming film and yet on July 18 made a straight journey to the Veeravanalluar at Tirunalveli District all for the sake of spending valuable time with the kids affected with muscular dystrophy. This is something that many are not aware about and actor Karthi has pledged to spread it all with his complete effort with accordance to the request made by parents of these kids affected with disorder. The entire ambience of Mayopathy, Institute of Muscular Dystrophy and Research Centre was spangled with an eternal happiness as Karthi travelled 300kms all the way to this place to spend time with them. The actor even did his famous signature style of ‘Jinthaka’ with kids and even had food with them. The kids there developed a strong bonding with the actor and started calling him as Karthi anna. In fact, they were not willing to wave their hands for goodbye to their brotherly Karthi.