Naanum Rowdy thaan – Review

Dada Parthiban kills the parents of Nayanthara realistically. To avenge him, Nayanthara seeks the help of ridicule rowdy Vijay Sethupathi. wether naynthara able to revenge parthiban or attempt concluded in the marriage with Vijay sethupathy – director effort of narrating this mingled with humour sense.

Throughout the film, Vijay Sethupathi performs as comedy rowdy and he had fitted himself for that role. He exhibits various types of gratifying performances. The conversation between deaf Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi can be called as hikoo. It is a new type of dimension for Nayanthara in this film. Nayanthara perfectly proved herself in this different kind of role.

Parthiban baffles us from clearly visualizing that whether he is real rowdy or bogus. He doesn’t let us to hanker for his usual satires. Other artists like Radhika, Anandaraj, Mansur Ali khan and R.J.Balajai played their part comfortably. Audience get extra flavor through the role named Rahul Thathaa. The music of Anirudh is simply superb.

Director Vignesh managed to travel in the comedy track without deviating in toan action track even a little bit and that is considered as a plus point for this movie. On the whole, we could ably say that this rowdy makes audience laughable for two hours in theatre.