Mother-in-law’s disarray in finding Shreya reddy

Shreya reddy had let audience to feel magnetic effect on her with just one film ‘Thimiru’ and now she is committed with ‘Andaava Kaanom’ and another film in the direction of Priyadarshan. It is said to have known that she has got odd character and different get-up in the film, being directed by Priyadarshan.

One day, the mother-in-law of Shreya reddy has come to studio which was witnessing the shooting of Priyhadarshan’s film, to meet her daughter-in-law. Despite, the actress was near to her mother-in-law, she was unable to find out Shreya reddy’s presence as she was thinking about Shreya reddy’s normalcy. Belatedly, she could notice her daughter-in-law.

Apart from Shreya reddy, so many artists of that film have been committed them to the different roles with odd get-ups. Hence, they suffered to notice each of them. ‘Bangalore days’ Sameer Thaahir is the camera man of this film in which Naser, Prakash Raj and Ashok Selvan are also acting. Audience may have get chance to hear the own voice of Shreya reddy as this film is being shot in live sound method.