Prabhu Solomon movies come as a package of emotions, relationships and what else? A tragic end perhaps at the climax and this has been a ritual in his previous films like Mynaa and Kumki. When the two close synonymous words ‘Kayal’ and ‘Tsunami’ is linked together, there was indeed an assumption that the film would again have us drenched in tears.

The film opens with Aaron (Chandran) wedged across the terrible Tsunami that has devastated his entire region and he is in search of his love. The story takes backward flashing the moments of his life with friend Socrates (Vincent). They have no worries in life and spend the days in harmony. Travelling across the country, they reach Kanyakumari. Over here Aaron falls in love with Kayal (Anandhi) and the love blooms in her as well. They are separated by situations and when they are about to begin a new life of reunion, Tsunami strikes and ruining the lives of many. Will Aaron be able to find his love or these lovers go devastated by fate forms crux of the story.

Prabhu Solomon always sticks to the motto of emotional punch in all his movies. Irrespective of what the storyline is, he manages to leave a lump in our throats. Apparently, as in Mynaa and Kumki, he drenches you in intense pathos. But again, it remains engaging in few parts and during other portions, it scatters our attention.

If you’re looking up for the star-cast, we must appreciate Anandhi who has done a best performance. She has breathed her life in to the characterisation of Kayal and it is so compelling. Chandran does a neat job, but his characterisation could have been sketched with more depth. Vincent as Chandran’s friend doesn’t look like a newcomer and confidence prevails throughout his show. Yogi Devaraj does justice to his role. The old man delivers a naturalistic performance.

Musically, D Imman’s hard work on background score is more evident and cinematography with some grading works is top-notch. The first half has some lively and gripping moments, but as the story proceeds to second half, there is some lag in the narration. The songs are very well composed and they travel along with the script.

When it comes to CG works, they turn out to be middling and quite disappointing as there is a lack of perfection. Although, heavy amount of energy and money is spent on CG works and water simulation, there is something that doesn’t let you applaud.

Had the director tried to fill in the gaps of slow and uninteresting scenes with some good elements, the film would have been more engaging.

Verdict: Beautiful tale of human spirits, but with some flaws.