Event story: The Fun, Emotions and Gripping Moments of Naan Sigappu Manithan Music Release

Following the grand success of ‘Pandiya Nadu’, Vishal has raised our expectations with his upcoming film ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’. The audio launch was held this morning amidst huge fanfare and was attended by who’s who of Kollywood including director Bala, Susintheeran, Samuthirakkani, Parthiepan, AL Vijay, Vishnuvardhan, GV Prakash, Nasser, Iniya, T Siva, director Atlee and many others.

The event commenced with a beautiful prayer song rendered by Saindhavi following by the screening of couple of songs and teaser. Since, the film holds the same title of Superstar Rajnikanth released before 25 years, the entire crew had met superstar before a couple of days offering him the invite and played all the songs. The entire auditorium of Sathyam turned into the celebratory occasion when the visual of the entire crew meeting Rajnikanth was screened.

G Dhananjayan, Head of UTV Motion Pictures, South welcomed the special invitees with his warm speech and VJ Ramya played the perfect host. Speaking on the occasion, director Vishnuvardhan unveiled more news about his college days with Vishal. It was then made to everyone that Vishal was the senior of Vishnuvardhan in visual communication of Loyola College.

Susintheeran on his part mentioned that he got to know about the script during the shooting of Pandiya Nadu. He appreciated Vishal, director Thiru and entire crew for completing the shoot within a short span of just four months.

Director Bala surprised everyone with his bounty of talks. He said, “Every time, when I meet Dhananjayan sir during the film events, he makes sure of offering me a film, but it ends there itself. Hope, he will soon offer me a chance to make film under his banner.” Dhananjayan on hearing this reacted with rigid joyfulness.

AL Vijay on his turn added up that Vishal’s character of falling asleep in the film reminiscences one of his assistants, who dozes off often on the shooting spots.

“Vishal is spotted falling asleep now and then in the film, but I would not get sleep until this film relases,” said director Atlee of ‘Raja Rani’ fame.

Vikranth, Vishnu, Jithan Ramesh and Shanthanoo Bhagyaraj become the funny rivals of Vishal as Vishnu said, “Vishal never introduced me to Lakshmi Menon and he is so protective about her. I don’t know what is cooking between the two?” and reacting to this jocular statement, Vishal made a funny remark saying, “Nothing buddy!!! Both of us are just friends. I felt if you had come there to the shooting spot, there would have been certain mishaps and your father would have arrested you (Vishnu’s dad is a cop). So I had to save you.”

Lakshmi Menon couldn’t make to the occasion as she was writing her Plus one examination. Gaana Bala usually pens and croons his song. But for the first time, he rendered a song that is written by Na. Muthukumar.

The theatrical trailer of this film will be launched in next ten days and much alike ‘Pandiya Nadu’; Vendhar Movies will be releasing it all over Tamil Nadu.


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