Enakkul Oruvan Movie Review

Fantasy flicks aren’t so much prevalent in South cinema and even if it happens, it would be more compulsively a fairy tale or adventure hunt. But Pawan Kumar, the overnight ruler of Kannada film industry’s directorial league made a striking show with his ‘Lucia’, which was a great hit. But all remakes don’t create the same magic. If it happens, it’s a miracle as many would acclaim and in such case, Chandramukhi was the only illustration of how it constantly got the gold struck in all versions.

Enakkul Oruvan stars Siddarth in dual roles with Deepa Sannidhi in female lead character. Disturbed by insomnia, a not so good looking Siddarth, working as a theatre operator assistant decides to consume a tablet named ‘Lucia’ referred by a bunch of funny underground thugs. When consumed, he travels into a world of glamour and glitz. He is a film star flirting with luxury and charming girls madly in love with him. With all the characters around in real and dream life influencing him in different ways, the ultimate twists arrives by the climax of this film.

First things first, Pawan Kumar’s genius thinking deserves a ton of appreciations. When Kannada cinema was travelling a stereotypical way, he proved an unparalleled proficiency of initialising this theme. With Tamil remake, the additional screenplay changes by the director Ram Prasad seems to be slightly breaking down the original essence. Right from the beginning till the penultimate sequence, the film travels at a too-slow moment and there is nowhere in the drama, you are able to connect. You don’t fall in love with any characters, neither you have any hatred nor feel the emotions. Every character seems to be going its own way and the audiences remain puzzled up of what’s actually happening. Well, we are not blaming about the screenplay alone, but the way Ram Prasad handling the entire project. Siddarth’s role as theatre operator assistant needs to make us compulsorily addictive towards him for his innocuous nature. But in contrast, he exhibits the arrogance and the stubbornness, which nowhere makes a girl fall in love for him. There has to be some innocence for a girl to fall in love with a man, which is the least of all criteria, but disappointingly, it is not present there. Aadukalam Narain and John Vijay have their best spell cast and offer a promising performance with natural effect.

The film tests our patience mercilessly and distracts us so much with its unclear narration. Siddarth keeps reminding us of his status as ‘Actor’ and not ‘Performer’. He has to make us forget about his brand and just imbibe us completely into the characterisation that he is playing. But regrettably, he does it nowhere and that obviously becomes the spoilsport.

Nothing much to speak about the technical crew, except the cinematography of Gopi for his experiments with different colours as in the original version seems neatly done. Background and songs by Santosh Narayanan are just mediocre.

On the whole, Enakkul Oruvan has a brilliant concept, but it could have been better if they had been excellently crafted. For now, it’s an apt treat for multiplex audiences.

 Verdict: A dreamy tale of emotions and twists