Bulgarian villain clash with Vijay

The film ‘Theri’ is being contributed by Vijay, Emi Jackson, Prabhu, Radhika, director Mahendran and Santhaanam and others. Its director is Atlee. Mahendran appears as villain in this film. But, he does not face Vijay physically. His job is only conspiring to defeat or thwart Vijay. Mahendran’s men only face Vijay physically.

Already they had shot the fight scene of Vijay’s performance with Hollywood stunt masters. At this juncture, another fight scene in which Vijay’s encounter with Bulgarian actor Lobo is said to have been shot. Lobo has experience of working with many movies. He is a real stunt master also.

This single fight scene was shot for 10 days! Director Atlee caught up with this idea only after ‘Boologam’ movie. We know that in this movie, Hollywood actor Nathen Jhones had performed in a boxing scene with Jeyam Ravi.