A tribute to ‘Aachi’ Manorama!

The actress ‘Manorama’ is no more. She was adorned with the title ‘Aachi’ by her fans throughout her career. She was hospitalized and died of heart attack in a private hospital at the age of 78. She survived by her only son Boopathi.

She deeply surprised everyone by having acted with 3 generations and stretched her career even to reach modern actors. She proved herself as a genius in comedy, character roles, singing and many others. She is the only actress in the world to have provided with the gift of acting with 5 chief ministers (C.N.Annadurai, M.Karunanidhi, M.G.Ramachandran, N.T.Ramarao and Jayalalitha).

She was introduced by lyricist Kannadasan in the film named ‘Malaiyitta Mangai’ as comedian in 1958. Since then, she continued her travel till very recent time acting ‘Singam 2’. She challenged the domination of male actors in cinema comedy. She has been placed in ‘Guinness book’ for the successful completion of 1500 films in her career.

She exhibited her talents well not only in Tamil but also other 5 language films such as Telugu, Malayalam, Kannadam, Hindi and Sihalese. Despite her body is mortal, she would be remain as immortal in our hearts.