Yennamo Yedho Movie Review

One thing that you’ll discover just as you keep watching this film is that Gautham Karthik is a complete replica (not intentional though) of his super-cool dad Navarasa Nayagan. It’s a gene factor and yes he keeps impressing you with his handsome looks and cute mischiefs on the screens. Yennamo Yedho has a story that is niether too complicated nor simple. It’s an amalgamation of many love stories that gets linked between the lead characters (Gautham Karthik and Rakul Preet Singh). Writing down the synopsis might either get you puzzled or literally turn off your excitements. So better watch them on the screens. 
It’s a tale of romance interwoven between various  characters. To make it simple, Gautham Karthik and Rakul face bitter encounters in the past love stories and they soon get acquainted. But again, life has some plans for them and before everything begins, Gautham gets kidnapped by Prabhu Ganesan by the starting point of film and everything moves in flashback.
Getting on first with the positive points in this film, it is all about the humorous appeal of Gautham Karthik and his hilarious encounters with Rakul Preet Singh becomes the most intriguing part of this flick. The witty lines are very well written by filmmaker Ravi Thiyagarajan. Nikisha Patel does her part well, but at times we feel little disappointed that the actress should maintain a good physique for she once wowed everyone with her glam looks and of course she delivers over-the-top performance. Anupama is brilliant with her significant character and not to miss the substantiality of Prabu Ganesan. His role remains a mystery till the end and it is really nice to see this genius sharing the screen space with his pal Karthik’s son Gautham. 
The musical score by D Imman is a huge pillar to the film and his couple of songs ‘Nee Enna Periya Appatakkara’ and ‘Shut up the mouth’ turns to be a celebration in theatres. Cinematography and editing goes well hand in hand. But on the flip side, it’s the lengthy narration with too many conflicts popping up the way that turns the audience away from this drama. Maybe, the Telugu audiences enjoyed it for their own flavour, but it doesn’t fit into this region. Too many loopholes and a lot of boring sequences slightly hampers the progress of screenplay. 
Yennamo Yedho would have been a commendable commercial entertainer if it was delivered with some new modifications to the original script, crisp screenplay and deletion of few element from the original one. 
Verdict: Very average