Yaamirukka Bhayamey Movie Review

Horror movies have a stereotypical description. The gory images, blood-thirsty vamps, the bungalows devastated and so on… But Deekay has a full stop to all such paradigms and comes up with a fun evoking, spine chilling horror-humour film.

Kiran (Kreshna) is an ad film anchor and he is in love with Smitha (Rupa Manjeri). Out of the blue, he gets a letter from his biological father and is asked to take care of an old lodge that is in Kolliyur. As he goes to the village, he meets Sarath (Karuna) and Saranya (Oviya) who are brother and sister and learns from them that they are taking care of the lodge at the moment.
Kiran visits the lodge and learns that it is very old to maintain. He goes back to city, gets 40 Lakhs and invests in renovating the lodge along with Smitha, Sarath and Saranya. They name it as ‘Gulu Gulu Resort’. Soon after the renovation, a couple stays in the resort but they are found dead due to electrical shock. Followed by this group of five people have found dead. The four of them decides to bury the bodies. Meantime, Saranya decides to impress Kiran so that she and Sarath can take the report for themselves. However, things take a turn when whatever Sarath says comes true and when the others starts to doubt if he is behind these murders.
Is Sarath really the cause of all these chaos? Or is someone else behind this? Worse, is the result of supernatural entity in the resort? All these questions are answered halfway through the second half.

Everything about Yaamirukka Bhayameylooks positive. The humour elements in the film tickle your funny bones and thrilling moments in the film keeps us glued to our seats. BGM is another advantage and adds the thriller panache. While the first half goes very smooth, second half is indeed racy and keeps our expectations alive. On the other hand, director Deekay, Editor A. Sreekar Prasad and cinematographer Rammy needs a great round of applause for their excellent piece of work. Similarly, the actors have given a great performance as well.

On the minus side, the song could have been better in the first half and Karunuakaran’s ghost story looks unnecessary.

On the whole, Yaamirukka Bayamey is a film that should not be missed if you are some of whole loves thrill…

Verdict: Don’t miss this fun-filled horror treat…