Would Jyothika’s character be boost for Arulnithi…?

Radha Mohan was introduced as director through the movie ‘Azhagiya Theeye’. His movie ‘Mozhi’ earned good name for him. In this movie, actress Jyothika was performed as deaf and dumb woman. This movie is considered as one of the best movies of Tamil cinema. In this regard, Radha Mohan is now set to direct a movie in the effect of ‘Mozhi’ once again. It is named as ‘Brindavanam’ and Arulnidhi has been booked as hero for this movie.

After the movie ‘Vamsam’, Arulnithi yield fruit only in ‘Demonte Colony’. Though he earned good criticism through his movie like ‘Udhayan’, ‘Mouna Guru’, ‘Thagaraaru’ ‘Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum’ and ‘Aaraathu Sinam’, there were not commercially successful. The shooting of ‘Brindavanam’ is expected to be commenced soon. Dhanya has been booked as heroine. She already had performed in ‘Bale Vellaiyatheva’. Vivek is another important protagonist of this movie.