Will the secret of Vivegam’s first look be broken up…?

Ajith performed in some risky action scenes in his films directly. When he was advised about using dupe actors, he used to deny that and involved himself directly. As he did like this, he was wounded many times and underwent surgeries. Though he underwent many surgeries, in his present movie ‘Vivegam’, he appeared in six pack get-up to in first look poster to surprise his fans and cine industry.

But, this poster resembles Hollywood aspects. Further, it faces criticisms on the suspicion of computer graphics. Hence, the team had decided to put the full-stop for this criticism. In this regard, they intend to release of video of Ajith’s daily workout. Ajith dedicated for 5 long hours on daily basis for his fitness. As a result of this, Ajith’s fans have been captured with charming mood.