Will Jeevan appear in ‘Thiruttupayale 2’…?

We know the film ‘Thiruttupayale’ which was released in 2006 in the contribution of Jeevan, Sonia Agarwal, Abbas, Malavika, Vivek and others. It was produced by AGS Entertainment. Susi Ganesan had directed this movie. This movie garnered good support from the audience. Despite, this film caused the loss for the producer; brought the benefit for distributors.

After 10 years, the second part of ‘Thiruttupayale’ is going to be produced. The same production company produces the second part also. As well, the same director will work in the second part.

The role of the hero of this film is women-cheater. He will cheat women through technology. They try to seal the deal with Prasanna or Jeevan or Nagul. It is the lowest budget movie of AGS.