Wherever I go, hear your name: Director Mohan Raja

Justin Prabhakaran is the music director of the film ‘Orunaal Koothu’ having starred by ‘Attakkathi Dinesh’ as hero. Justin Prabhakaran was introduced as a music director for the first time in ‘Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum’ and also had been played his part in ‘Orange mittai’. At present, he is working in 4 films simultaeneously like Orunaal Koothu and Ulkuththu etc.

In audio release function of ‘Orunaal Koothu’, director Mohan Raja acclaimed Justin that whenever I deliver my speech in various places; I come across about his music talents. Here, I meet him for the first time.

Miya George, Dubai beauty Nivedha and Madras Rithvika have been assigned to cost as heroines. Karunakaran, Ramesh Tilak and Balasaravanan are other protagonists. This film has been directed by Nelson Venkatesan.