We may expect the release of Santhanam movie on 24th July…!

dillukku dhuttu 1

After Vadivelu, Santhanam emerged as a powerful comedian in Tamil cinema. At the initial stage, Simbu gave some opportunities for Santhanam. At one stage, he became the inevitable comedian of Tamil cinema. Later, he took hero avatar and did cast in some movies including ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayutham’ and ‘Inime Ippadithaan’. Despite those films were not hit, he did not withdraw from his attempt.

He continued his venture as hero in the films like ‘Thillukkuthuttu’ and ‘Sever Sundaram’. In these two films, ‘Thillukkuthuttu’ is a horror movie. In this movie, Santhanam is trapped with the gang of ghosts and getting released from that gang.

It has been directed by Lollu sabha Rambala and it is set to be released on 24th July. The team has been decided to release this movie in more number of theatres than the previous movies of Santhanam.