“We have balance amount Rs.8 crores after settling the debit”; Vishal delights…!

vishal 22

The previous administrators of Nadigar sangam mortgaged the land of Nadigarsangam with SBI Cinemas to accumulate money for settling the debit and earn the income. But, now, the new administrators of Nadigar sangam borrowed money from Isari Ganesh to recover the land and have done it.

They conducted the star cricket program in Chennai on 17th April to accumulate money for further process. Now, the Vishal has announced that they have settled the all financial issue through amount which was collected from the star cricket.

“I glad to share this news that we have repaid the borrowed money Rs.2 crores to Isari Ganesh sir. However, Nadigar sangam has been recovered from the debit. Additionally, there is Rs.8 crores in the account of the trust. At this moment, my hearty thanks should be conveyed to all for this achievement”, Vishal expressed.