Villain of ‘Visaaranai’ gets chance in ‘Baahubali 2’…!

Visaranai-ajay gosh
Actor Ajay Ghosh attracted our attention as a police officer in Vetrimaran’s recently popular film ‘Visaaranai’. Now, he is going to cast as a robber in ‘Baahubali 2’. According to the words of Ajai Ghosh, “My role in this film is a robber in the name of Veeraiyah. I am the resident of Anushka’s reign. Last month, I participated at the shooting in Kerala for 5 days. Again, I will join the shooting in March. This role is an interesting one”.

He further added, “Though I bore a negative role in ‘Visaaranai’, it has been much appreciated by people. While I was coming out of the theatre with director after the show, I thought that no one will like me. But, the reality is different. I could not control my tears during the scenes in which I heavily beat Dinesh. Despite, the lathis are fake;we had beaten very fast. Hence, I felt sad”.