Vellaikaara Durai Movie Review


The specifications for an Ezhil film are a pre-written theory, which remains in contrast to his first innings of Thulladha Manamum Thullum and Poovellam Un Vaasam, which were so much on emotional and sentimental elements. His second innings brimmed with passable entertainers that include Manam Kothi Paravai and Desingu Raja. What happens with Vellaikaara Durai is it travels on the same route of comedy, where the story seems hackneyed but narration is decorous.

Vikram Prabhu and Soori are seen as close pals in a small town. Soori decides to start up a business on his own and borrows 15lacs from John Vijay. Soori buys a plot and when he gets a big deal to sell it, he dreams of establishing a real estate kingdom. But sooner to their shock, it is revealed that the land they have bought is nothing but a graveyard. Sooner, they’re bound to critical situation of not able to return back the lend money and John Vijay drags them to his place, where they are put as slaves. Vikram Prabhu comes across Sri Divya and thinks that she is sister of John Vijay, but to his shock, her engagement happens with John Vijay. The same night, Sri Divya runs off from the house and Vikram Prabhu without any clues goes behind her… Now an assumption is drawn by John Vijay that both of them have eloped together and he decides to get them to whip Vikram Prabhu.

Ezhil has banked all his hopes on humour and thrust it completely into the film. Logics vanish here and there, but these humorous zones well suitable for the rural audiences become a major highlight in this tale. If you’re ritualistic multiplex viewer, then there are least chances to enjoy this film and it will click is some places down south.

Vikram Prabhu has been trying his luck in different genres and for the first time throws up his surprise in humour. Of course, it works out well in many places, especially with the humorous encounters between him and Soori are laughter riot. John Vijay as baddie with some funny nature keeps us entertained. Sri Divya’s characterisation has been blend with pathetic emotions and humour as well. She has done some decent job here and it is Soori walking away with huge applause and appreciations.

Musically, the songs are just mediocre and cinematography is just okay. This is not a film made for awards, but with the clean and clear intentions of making audience laugh.

Verdict: No logics, old story, but good entertainment