Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham – Review

Don’t assume this film to be just a funny ride from Santhanam alone. He keeps you so much excited about his new embodiments over the screens. Watch him rock on the dance floors for a song with his incredulous movements that turn you irresistibly invigorated to clap and whistle. Not every comedian can easily jump into the league of heroes, but Santhanam goes for a stupendous leap. He breathes an immense life into the character and underplays in many scenes letting other characters to dominate.

Sakthi (Santhanam) has no hopes in life on losing his job of delivering water cans. Pity on his poor bicycle that often speaks in TR slang…. He comes across a surprise from his uncle that his parents have left him a property in native village, but didn’t want it revealed to him. The reason is the feudal conflict that dates back to 27 years that killed his father Rathnavelu (Bose Venkat) and his brother-in-law. On reaching the village, he meets the village feudal lord Singarayan (Nagineedu) and gains his favour of selling the property. But they get to know that Sakthi is the son of the Rathnavelu and they decided to avenge their revenge of killing him. Nevertheless, a situation unveils the hidden secrecy and is curbed by the fear. He steps out of the house and next second would have them to kill him as they never ill-treat even their enemies as guests in their home…

Santhanam as mentioned earlier takes off with a brilliant attempt in the lead role. He just doesn’t get you smitten by his witty lines, especially during the first half, but keep you so much adhered to the film on the emotional side as well. He never disappoints us at any point of time. His performance during the climax scene is so much appreciable. Ashna Zaveri is a right choice and she captures our senses within short span of time. She looks perfect to the role in traditional attires and her performance in penultimate sequence deserves special mention as well. Nagineedu does the same good justice to the role he had donned in the original version of Maryadha Ramana. Rajkumaran in his extended cameo role during first half evokes laughter and so is VTV Ganesh in the second half.

Musical score by Siddharth Vipin is cool. The title song ‘Takkaru Takkaru’ and background score are the exceptional stud of his work. Cinematography by Shakthi is extraordinary and the frames are etched with cool colours.

On the whole, Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham holds eminence for the best adaptation by Srinath, the stellar performance of Santhanam and technical brilliance.

Verdict: A family entertainer you shouldn’t miss