Vaayai Moodi Pesavum Movie Review

Glimpses on the film’s theatrical trailer left a clear impression that Balaji Mohan is back with a fantabulous pick of theme in hand. The director had proved his prowess right in his first movie ‘Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Yeppadi’ that took a rise from its short film. And now, he is back with a different and yet pleasing one that impresses not alone the elite bunch of audience, but universal ones. ‘Vaayai Moodi Pesavum’ is a simple story to tell, maybe like a fairy tale or something closer to it, but it’s not the same when you’re trying to narrate this into a 2 hours 20 minutes of drama.

There is something that leaves us spellbound over this drama…. A touching message that you can try adapting into your own lives. Yeah! It’s not preachy though, Balaji gives a solution on a pettifoggery or global issues can be sorted out with just a simple talk between the persons involved. Sweetness prevails everywhere in this film and it’s a medication or meditation, whatever you may say, the film offers an immense satisfaction with cool and good entertainment.

When the misty hills of Panimazhai gets succumbed to a serious epidemic ‘Dumb Flu’, the strict orders are passed – no one should ever talk a single word or else they’ll become victims of this disease and kick the bucket. It leaves many in town including Arvind (Dulquer Salman), Anjana (Nazriya Nazim), her step-mom Vidhya (Madhu Bala), Minister Sunderlingam (Pandiarajan), his assistant Pa Pazhni, Nuclear Star Boomesh (John Vijay), his ardent fan Ganesh (Ramesh) and the objector of the star’s film (Robo Shankar) et al.

In spite of film having so many characters, Balaji effortlessly introduces them in fraction of moments along with their conflicts. Dulquer Salman would surely bag the great roles in future and of course, the son of Megastar Mammootty, he proves the gifts of his lineage. He looks cool, composed and carries out every action at an ease. Moreover, his choice of right script to make his debut deserves special mention. Nazriya Nazim stands neatly by the character she plays and impresses us vividly. She doesn’t have more dialogues to convey and not too many scenes to be bubbly, but generates a great impact. Madhu Bala as writer Vidya is a special delight. Robo Shankar, John Vijay, Ramesh and Pandiarajan are extraordinary with their humorous performance. Vinu Chakravarthy and the actress in home mother role are the icing of cake.

Balaji Mohan has carried out the second half with so much of excellence with just a dozen of dialogues and remaining portion in silence. It’s almost like revisiting the ‘Charlie Chaplin’ age with slapstick and emotional miming. Thanks to this chap with wizardry skills on writing… Cinematography and background score become the back bone for the second hour and without them it would have not created the same impact of what Balaji wanted to convey.

On the whole, Vaayai Moodi Pesavum is a new and brilliant that deserves a watch without any second thoughts. The overall team effort is so much exhibited in every frame. A hearty welcome to Dulquer and tons of extolments for Balaji.

Verdict: Get infected with beautiful flu…