Un Samayal Araiyil Music Review

An unusual person with an unusually brilliant idea – a common verdict that Prakash Raj always manages to win from the audiences… Following his directorial debut in Kannada remake of Tamil movie ‘Abhiyum Naanum’, he sets down for a trilingual remake of Malayalam flick ‘Salt ‘n’ Pepper’. The Tamil version titled ‘Un Samayal Araiyil’ stars Prakash Raj and Sneha in lead roles with Urvasi performing an important character. The touch of Maestro Ilayaraja adds the incense of musical fragrance as before and we bring you an exclusive look on the four tracks.

The album has four tracks, each one splendidly mesmerising us in its own ways. It opens with ‘Indha Porappudhan’ crooned by Kailash Kher. It’s an establishing sequence for the best traits of food and if Prakash Raj was so much impressed with the visuals of original version, he should be getting us more mouth-watering dishes on the screens. Kailash gets the right chance to have his voice processed with clarity and the instrumentals are mild here.

One of the most fascinating things about Ilayaraja is that he never gets out of his zone, but keeps us amused with his spellbinding ones. ‘Eeramai Eeramai’ is one such melodious treat that gets adorned by the maestro’s usual paradigms. It’s so soothing in many places and will capture your senses soon.

‘Therintho Theriyamalo’ is a beautiful melody that gets more decorous with the soulful rendition of Karthik and Ramya NSK. Much alike the previous track, the instrumentals gain more prominence during the interludes, but it’s the vocalism of Karthik and Ramya that enlivens the song.

Finally, it’s maestro getting onto the track himself with ‘Kaatru Veliyil’ that sends you in craze. The song will surely get over the top of charts within short span of time.

On the whole, ‘Un Samayal Araiyil’ has plethora of brilliant works by Ilayaraja and undoubtedly, it’s going to add more flavour to this beautiful foodie movie.

Verdict: The musical aroma of Ilayaraja’s recipe is tasty.