Ulidavaru Kandante Movie Review

Kannada cinema might remain to be an unexplored panorama in Indian cinema, but it boasts of having the rarest talents that possess the unparalleled niche. Not long ago, we witnessed the gold rush happening through Pawan Kumar’s Lucia and now Rakshit Shetty blows up the Sandalwood map with an impeccable flick ‘Ulidavaru Kandante’ that keeps you awestruck throughout the show.

Three murders happen and the reasons remain unknown. Perhaps, a pick of lateral thinking where the assumptions can neither be proved right or wrong. Who is good and bad? And that’s how the final credits roll where the journalist winds up her story with half dozen chapter as in novel each focalising on different protagonists.

Rakshit Shetty has incisively interwoven the script with the ingredient of friendship, a kind of attraction or love between Rakshit and the journalist, betrayal among the acquaintance, the yearning mother’s joy and pain, a lover boy’s dream to unite with his girlfriend… With so many parallel stories having its run, the characters in this tale get connected in an unexpected way. Yes, the truth has to be unveiled and we hear the stories narrated by Ulidavaru Kandante (As seen by the rest).

Rakshit Shetty stuns you with his spell of perfection in performance and his craftsmanship in writing a simple script with a complex narration. Kudos to the cinematographer and editor for making Rakshit’s narrative style more enhanced. There are some moments that slightly hampers the journey of script, but the witty lines and iconic performance of Kishore, Rakshit and everyone in the cast keeps the momentum at the right level.

There are three sequences that keep you in heavy pulse. One is about the reunion of son and mother. The scene where she prepares the best fish curry for her son and her performance alone in the home is remarkable. In fact, you’ll have tears rolling down the cheeks for her astounding performance. The penultimate chapter of Kishore in discombobulation is a good stroke and the scenes involving Rakshit and journalist is cute.

Overall, ‘Ulidavaru Kandante’ is completely away from the usual lines of Kannada cinema. This is a door opener of Sandalwood to the international arena of films. Rakshit Shetty scores his brownie points as an actor and storyteller.

Verdict: A show not to miss… Welcome to the new age of Kannada cinema.