Two music directors contest in grabbing Rajini titles…!

gv-prakash - vijay antony

We know that the stars and even newly getting introduced heroes use to wish the Rajini titles for their movies. Now, this desire has landed on G.V.Prakash-Vijay Antony also. G.V.Prakash has been booked in the movie having Baba Baskar as director.

For this movie, they have captured the Rajini’s old movie title ‘Kuppathu Raja’, which was released in 1979. Parthiban bears an important role for this movie. Poonam Bajwa has been booked as heroine.

At this juncture, Vijay Antony has told that he has been booked for the movie which is directed by Kritika Udhayanidhi. This movie has been named as ‘Kaali’. He also tweeted that he is going to produce this movie on his own behalf of his Company (Vijay Antony Film Corp.,).

We know that the Rajini’s movie ‘Kaali’ was directed by Mahendran in 1980. It was bilingual movie and garnered good support.