It is the story which narrates about the adoration between two males.

Vivek brings Karthi out of prison through Parole for 4 months and send him to crorepathi Nagarjuna for developing good behavior. Karthi has to help Nagarjuna as the latter has to be confined with wheel chair. While all others deal Nagarjuna with sympathy, only Karthi differs from them and behave with him casually and also negligently. This attitude of Karthi attracts Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna helps indirectly to Karthi to execute the marriage of latter’s younger sister as it was delayed due to karthi’s imprisonment. He also extends his aid to the younger brother of Karthi too. Hence, Karthi is able to get his mother’s fondness.

Karthi comes to know that after he met with tragedy by an accident, Nagarjuna had rejected his love. But, now, he involves in the letter love with an unknown lady. When the situation arrives to separate Karthi from Nagarjuna, the former decides to do something to keep Nagarjuna happy permanently. That is an impressive climax.

It is generally not easy to remake films for Tamil from abroad. It is very risky one. But the Telugu director Vamsi has done this job wonderfully. It is jolly movie as well as compassionate. Karthi had the same type of character in this movie also. But, he shows his maturity according to the story. He makes the movie interesting one.

We should salute Nagarjuna for his courage and dedication to accept such type of role. He impresses us by his wonderful performances. Congrates…! Welcome sir… There is no sobriety in the scenes in which Karthi and Nagarjuna performs together. It is the greatest plus point for this film.

Thamanna is deserved to be called as beauty queen. She is the secretary of Nagarjuna. She enchants us by her contribution. Anushka and Shreya provide us joyful shocking by surprise entry.

Prakashraj also has revealed his trademark performance in this film too. Vivek also has played his part well. Kalpana (Late), Jeyasudha and Thanikalabarani have helped to move this film finely.

The work of camera man Vinoth is very much appreciable. He is deserved to be awarded with medal. Gopi Sundar’s music is ok but not effective. Director Vamsi does not disappoint us like other Telugu directors. He knows the technique very well to make the fans delight as well as impressive. The notable humorous scene in which Karthi makes art is appreciable.

The dialogues of Raju Murugan and Murugesh Babu are much effective. This film teaches us to share only love to each other. This concept is supported by Karthi and Nagarjuna in this movie.

This movie should not be left without watching.