Thirumanam Enum Nikkah Movie Review

Certain stories in Tamil cinema that are based on inter-religious love stories come with an usual plot. When debutant Aneesh unveiled the first look publicities and trailers, it was little confusing that it might run on the lines of those stories having boy and girl from different religions falling in love. But he makes an incomparable spell with Thirumanam Enum Nikkah that comes with a pleasant approach.

Vijay Raghavachaari (Jai) and Vishnu Priya (Nazriya Nazim) belong to orthodox Brahmin family, but they introduce themselves as Muslims namely Abu and Aishu during a train journey and after couple of coincidental meetings fall in love with each other, but don’t speak out their identity as they fear of it posing a threat to their love. But after a certain extent, they come ahead and speak the truth and their marriage is arranged by their families, but they really don’t have the heart to see each other for they have been hiding themselves away from true being. What unfolds is a confrontation within them leaving us wondered if the story will have a happy ending.

Debut filmmaker Aneesh deserves all praises for coming up with a story that not only surprises us, but vividly impresses. The basic concept is fantastic, but there is little drawback that comes in screenplay of second half. But the good performances of Jai and Nazriya along with a huge star-cast though unnoticed make it a pleasant movie. The second half actually carries the basic strength, but Aneesh had made some modifications with convincing elements, it would have stretched itself into a full-fledged entertainer catering to the taste of all universal audiences.

Ghibran captures our senses with his splendid music and the songs intensify the emotions that include ‘Yenthaara’ and ‘Chillendra Chillendra’. They are so much poignant in tunes and the picturing is good indeed. The cinematography is top-notch and the editing is simple as the transitions remain silent while shifting from one scene to the other.

As mentioned earlier, if Aneesh and his team of writers had focused more on increasing the value of family and culture with a clear climax by keeping last 15 minutes of the film crisp, then Thirumanam Enum Nikkah would have garnered the good results.

Verdict: A passable entertainer