Thirudan Police Movie Review


Attakathi Dinesh – what do you think that makes things click for him instantly? He gets such roles that easily define his close to real nature and that works the best in all the roles he essays. Following the grand success of ‘Cuckoo’, Dinesh appears in a different avatar. When we were watching the trailer of ‘Thirudan Police’, there were certain doubts whether Dinesh would suit the role of a police and yes the story has its justification of how he gets into such instance to wear the uniform and how his life takes a different course.

The film is directed by Caarthick Raju and is produced by SPB Charan with Iyshwarya playing the female lead role.

Attakathi Dinesh is a fun loving boy and son of a honest police constable Rajesh. Certain clashes between his father and evil doer personnel in the department cost his life. Since his father has been a very sincere and dedicated person in the department, the job is now offered to Dinesh, who takes it up unwillingly. His peace is furthermore devastated, when the higher officials mistreat him with some annoying jobs assigned. When he decides to throw off the job and get back to normalcy, the honesty of his father is reminded and he gets into a serious job of revealing the bad acts of the persons who were responsible for his father’s death.

There are three things that make Thirudan Police good in places. The basic premise is simple letting audience sit back and enjoy. Secondly, the engaging screenplay laced with fun and emotions. Finally, the star-cast and their characterisations. Attakathi Dinesh as mentioned above effortlessly does a good performance and his dialogue deliveries are the cherry pick. Iyshwarya’s changeover to glamour in limited quotient is a decent attempt. Moreover, she keeps herself best in her portions. Aadukalam Narain does justice to his role. John Vijay and Naan Kadavul Rajendran are the baddies here with some fun elements and the actor from Vazhakku En 18/9 as assistant commissioner as culprit and his son played by Nithin Satya are apt for their roles.

The first half of this film has some light moments, but sooner the second half gets laced with emotional elements, but the serious moments getting a toast of humour are fun to enjoy. Musically, Yuvan Shankar Raja tries to deliver some promising works on background score and the songs are little convincing. The cinematography is perfect in shots.

Overall, ‘Thirudan Police’ gets the tag of ‘worthy to watch’ for its entertainment and narrating style of Caarthick Raju.

Verdict: Pleasingly engaging and entertaining.