The roles of ‘Attakkathi’ Dinesh, Kalaiyarasan and Dhanshika in ‘Kabali’…!

kabali  charecters

The shooting of ‘Kabali’ was held continuously for 115 days in Chennai, Malaysia, Thailand and Goa. Out of 115 days, Rajini contributed for 75 days. Many actors of Malaysian Tamil film industry have been acted in ‘Kabali’. Now, the dubbing and re-recording works are going on. at this juncture, the details of characters of this film have been brought out partly.

Rajini (name Kabali) is an international don. He retires from his brutal gangster life and runs a school for children who became orphans by the collisions of gangs. As his peaceful life encounters interruptions from unwanted sides, he once again was forced to return his old life. It is his second chapter as a don.

Kalaiyarasan cast as an administrator of the school of Rajini. He is very fond of Kalaiyarasan. ‘Attakkathi’ Dinesh is the son of a don who is playing as an opposite side to Rajini. Dinesh gradually realizes the greatness of Rajini and takes the side of him. John Vijay has been given an important role in this film. There is also a Muslim character named Amir who is very close to Rajini.

Dhanshika is the gang leader of Thailand. She has been given a very powerful role to face Rajini. The relationship between Rajini and Dhanshika is suspense. RadhikaApthe is Rajini’s wife. There is duet song for them. This song has been shot in Goa. This song depicts the love feelings of the couple who crossed the middle age.

There are two villains for Rajini in this film. Kishore is the important one. International criminal Winston Saav is another one. Winston Saav was born in Taiwan and performing his duty in China. The audio release is expected at the end of the March. The film is set to be release in April.