Tenaliraman movie review

The comeback of Vadivelu is indeed the crowd-puller element to this film and let us see how special is the film to the buffs curiously expecting this film.


In the court of famous King Maamannar (Vadivelu), the cabinet of ministers are considered as the Navarathnas (9 nos) and one among them is killed by the rest with accordance to the fraudulent deal between by eight ministers and Chinese empire to set up their brands and shops in Vengai Naadu. Meanwhile, Tenaliraman (Vadivelu), a wit and intellectual person joins the cabinet replacing the demised one. He is envied by other ministers as Maamannar becomes his huge fans and starts listening to his advices. But things take a turn when the King and ministers realise that Thenaliraman is here to kill to Maamannar.


Vadivelu scores best with his flawless performance in both the roles. His dialogue deliveries evoke humour and emotions in many places. Meenakshi Dixit has nothing much to perform other than showing her glow skin and woo the audience with oomph factors. Radharavi looks little dull and aged. Manobala tries to evoke humour and so are the others in the film. Mansoor Ali Khan is okay.

Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction

Yuvaraj Dhayalan has done a neat job of picking good script, but he slightly fails in delivering it with the right impact. The writing gets fallible in places and there is a scarcity of humour all of sudden and one starts wondering why Vadivelu is turning to be a social activist. Isn’t he supposed to tickle our funny bones with humour therapy and that’s why we are here in theatres paying for tickets. Sorry to say! The humorous spell of Vadivelu goes completely missing in many parts and it looks like the actor had decided to focus on the serious theme of capturing the mass audiences. While even many superstars have failed to win over this aspect, why is Vadivelu trying to stick onto it. The first half has some humour, suspense and a drama, but the second hour fails to deliver the right momentum.

Technical Department

Is it Imman? You must be kidding. An unavoidable statement that you might across the nook and corners of theatres…. The man had delivered an impeccable series of best songs and now fails to retain it. Even if it is a retro-genre, he could have done something different, but his background score must be praised about. Cinematography, editing and animation works have been done with complete justice.

Final word

Vadivelu fans were desperate to see their screen idol back in complete form. Mistakbly, he fails to focus on humour and instead starts conveying social messages, which becomes a major spoiler.

Verdict: Weak script, lack of humour disappoints us.