Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum Movie Review

A very true of its title, the film with straightforwardness focuses into the plot of four different characters. Attakathi Dinesh as a flat promoter who is in love with Bindu Madhavi, a counselor at rehabilitation center for suicidal victims, Nakul, a genius engineer by nature who has been thoroughly well versed with new ideas of innovative inventions and a college student, Aishwarya Dutt is madly in love with him. A call taxi driver, Satish of Ethir Neechal fame has been going through his usual route and has his day of normalcy. A terrorist arrives in Chennai after the successful bombing in Hyderabad to create the devastation in Chennai city by bombing through mobile phone. Things take a turn in an unexpected manner, when a solar flare from the sun shuts down the mobile operation.

Director Ramprakash Rayappan hits straight to the point and not involving unwanted characters or parallel comedy tracks. He tries to keep everything confined to the zonal premise. Especially, his strong decision to keep away from including too many songs (Only two songs and a title track that comes as a signature song) make it more engaging in portions. Delineating the characterisations with good sketch, we tend to experience his professional proficiency. There is no unwanted back story to establish the characters. Nakul is seen in a serious role and he should have donned such characters before 5 years itself that would taken him to the A-league in no doubt. Attakathi Dinesh with his usual panache keeps the audiences locked in laughter. Bindu Madhavi isn’t just beautiful, but has matured a lot with her emoting skills. She has completely strained a lot giving more life to her characterisation. Aishwarya Dutt with her simple looks enchants the audiences and her performance is neat. Ethir Neechal for the first time gets some meaty role to perform. Manobala is simply okay and Urvasi seems to be over-reacting in many situations with her scientific terms of surprise, which astonishes us in a certain way, but after a limit is boredom.

Thaman surprises with a beautiful background score that had been missing for many years in his Tamil projects. The songs are good indeed and Deepak Kumar’s cinematography is biggest strength in enhancing the thrilling raciness.

Such thrillers should have a limited duration of 100 minutes (excluding credits and songs) that would have kept the audiences edge on seat. With more talkative characters with less drama in the first half, Ramprakash could have begun the raciness by the first hour itself. With the present status of neat screenplay and commendable performance, Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum stands out to be a decent attempt and you give a watch for it without any expectations.

Verdict: Taut thriller with colossal performances