Sonna Puriyaadhu Movie Review

The teasers had its right impact to draw us into the theatres and moreover, the presence of Mirchi Shiva and witty liners was there to brag off its substantiality. With the film hitting screens tomorrow, we bring you the first exclusive movie review of Sonna Puriyaadhu with a distinct analysis.

The film centers on a happy-go-lucky Shiva (Shiva), who plays a dubbing artist for Hollywood and regional movies. His mother urges him to get married and even finds a perfect girl Anjali (Vasundhara), a TV anchor for devotional programmes. She looks traditional, customary and innocent in all aspects, but Shiva is dead against getting married as he feels his freedom would be curtailed. Nevertheless, he soon learns the true colour of Anjali and they both decide to call off the wedding without the knowledge of their parents. On an unexpected turn as the very next morning after their hangover at a party, they find themselves married. What unfolds next is a series of hilarious moments that are interesting in few parts.

Mirchi Shiva fits the role perfectly as a dubbing artist and the sequence involving his voice for Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger is hilarious. His witty lines in Hindi are much more impressing, but he fails to emote properly in sentimental scenes. Vasundhara tries to get herself to the best, but doesn’t achieve the perfect level. The others in the cast are okay, but not completely contribute to the script. Technically, the film doesn’t boast of much elegance, but is just mediocre. The background score doesn’t enhance the visual elements and so are songs.

The running length of Sonna Puriyaadhu is just a couple of hours (2hrs 10 mins), but there the flimsy writing doesn’t hold us intact.

Final Take: Middling in parts.

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