‘Sarvam ThaalaMayam’ in Rajeev menon – G.V.Prakash combination…?

They have named the movie in which G.V.Prakash cast in the direction of Rajeev menon, as ‘Sarvam ThaalaMayam’. It is music centric movie. To convey the concept of music, they have named like this.

There are scenes depicting the playing of various instruments. As a music director, it is said that G.V.Prakash will handle this role easily. Oscar hero A.R.Rahman will compose for this movie. After ‘Kandukonden Kandukonden’, Rajeev menon and A.R.Rahman join once again through this movie.

There are totally 9 songs in this movie. It is said to be that Rahman has already completed 4 songs. The selection process of other protagonists is going rigorously. It is expected that the official announcement will be made soon accordingly.