Santhanam Becomes a Psychiatrist

Post-success of ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya’, Santhanam-Sethu-Vishaka duo is coming together again for a film titled ‘Valiba Raja’. The film is produced by Wangs Vision One and is directed by Sai Gokul Ramnath, a former associate of KV Anand. The film has an ensemble star-cast of Nushrath, Jayaprakash, Sri Ranjini, Deva Darshini, VTV Ganesh, Neelima, Meera Krishnan, Chitra Lakshmanan, Kanal Kannan, Santhana Bharathy and Panchu Subbu in important characters.

The film features Santhanam as a psychiatrist, who handles the most critical cases with a simple technique. He would listen to the problem of his patients in just one-line. If it impresses him, he will proceed for the treatment. Apparently, Sethu becomes his favourite patient and he has a problem of two girls falling in love with him. As his confusions peak up on choosing the best one, he seeks the favour of Santhanam.

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