Saivam Movie Review

You walk across the pilgrimage zones and most of the times you’d see the innocent goats, roosters and many cattle creatures pleasantly admiring you with its childlike acts. But all of sudden when you realise that it’s going to be sacrificed for the superstitious beliefs of ritual practice, it literally takes away your breath and you might realise the depth of innocence and arrogance.

This is something that gets into your veins as you watch AL Vijay’s Saivam. The film has a simple storyline and it centers on a little girl’s attempt to save her favourite pal, a rooster from being massacred for the blind religious beliefs of her family members.

An unusual concept and Vijay deserves special mention for handling this unique subject. Nasser has been bestowed with a great grand family of children, grandchildren and relatives. They all gather for a union and during this juncture, a rooster becomes a victim as they decide to sacrifice it to their family God to cast away the bad things. Sooner, the rooster goes missing and we find it somewhere hidden safely by Sara, the little girl in this family. What happens next is a wheel of fun, humour and emotions that ends on a positive note with good message.

Nasser becomes the absolute seeker of all attention. He leaves you spellbound over and again on how his performance could be better and best in every movie. It’s an impeccable performance from the star and he is the best one here. Who follows him next in this league is Baby Sara. The little girl although little over-reactive in few scenes manages to keep us so much adhered towards her. Naseer’s son Baasha makes a decent debut and his romantic sequences with Twara is a special delight. George tickles our funny bones with his fantabulous performance. Others in the cast and most of them might look new to the camera, but they’ve completely dedicated themselves to their roles.

Azhagu song is a sweet mellisonant treat by GV Prakash and we are urged to listen to it over and again. The background score that spells out fun and emotions that are necessary for the script are delivered at the best. Nirav Shah adds more magic to the film with his cinematography. There isn’t much negative about this film and for a running length of 2hrs approximately.

On the whole, ‘Saivam’ is melodic and soft entertainer for everyone and we feel family audience shouldn’t miss to watch this film.

Verdict: Cool and happy entertainer