Sachu got life time member card in actors’ association!

Most of the people shocked when they hear the news about the refusal for the veteran actress Sachuto vote in actors’ association election. Sarathkumar team had neglected Sachu, as a result, it drew sharp criticisms from various ends. But, now, the Vishal team has provided the life time member card to Sachu as its first move after its victory in election.

Sachu was intending that she is a life time member in the association. Sarath’s reciprocation on the accusation was, ‘we had made so many professional changes in the association and it was their mistake as they failed to check out the final list’. It was the respect which had been given to the veteran actress by the old team.

Sachu has been acting for 63 years and dedicated her whole life for the cine field without marriage. She is the only one being survived as a senior actress after Manorama.