‘Rekka’ for converting Vijaysethupathi as an effective action hero…!


One of the present movies of Vijaysethupathi is ‘Rekka’. Thought he already committed for the action film (Sethupathi), his role is not much of action oriented. Now, he is involving in the full-fledged action movie through ‘Rekka’ for the first time. Rathna Siva directs this film. Lakshmi menon has been assigned as the heroine. The role of Vijaysethupathi in this film is Kattapanchayat man. Though he has completed his law degree, he does not choose to go to court.

Vijaysethupathi got an assignment of abducting the Minister’s daughter Lakshmi menon to Kumbakonam. He abducts Lakshmi menon. Though Lakshmi menon belongs to Madurai, her attire is very modern as she is the daughter of Minister. The reason for abduction, the romance between Vijaysethupathi and Lakshmi menon form the foundation for the screen play.

Vijaysethupathi performed very well in actions. Hareesh Uthaman and Kabeer Singh are two villains. Kishore is the minister. K.S.Ravikumar’s role is to be the father of Vijaysethupathi. Iman and Dinesh Krishnan have been booked as music director and camera man respectively. The final phase of shooting is undergoing in Madurai. They plan to release this movie for Diwali.