Rajini leaves for USA to spend summer…!

rajinikanth 1

Rajini has left for America with his family to spend summer while his movie ‘Kabali’ is being under preparation to be released soon. Rajini also completed the first phase of shooting of ‘2.0’ in the direction of Shankar. After refreshing his body and mind, he will return to India for attending the next phase of shooting.

He has decided to stay in American for two weeks. He will return in the second week of June. It is said that immediately after his return he will attend the shooting.

Rajini performs as an old age Don in ‘Kabali’. This story is based on real life of Chennai’s Don who was living several years back. After the super hit of ‘Endiran’, Rajini cast in ‘2.0’ with Akshay Kumar in the direction of Shankar.