Rajathanthiram Movie Review


Conmen sometimes don’t surprise you, but when they do it, you’d jump on the seats or perhaps at the possible levels gain the smiles on your face. Such is the impactful drama of Rajathanthiram, a con movie that brings some traces of erstwhile flicks of this genre, but at times generously enthrals you. The actor – Veera, a long time await to hit the bull’s eyes and let us check out more what makes the film exceptional and somewhat similar to the previous films of this league.

The plot is as simple and thin as wafer… A group of conmen, each one with their own aspirations have their tasks accomplished at ease. Everything changes overnight as they come across some unusual personalities in their lives.

Revealing more than this could take away the surprising moments when you watch the film on screens. Director Amid deserves some brownie points. For more than two years in the making, he should have gotten more time to shape, re-mould, crispy the flick to make it more engaging. The director has incisively avoided some mistakes that many first timers mandatorily perform in their maiden debuts. Regardless of certain amateur elements we find through the course of screenplay, there is a rigid and substantial quality in the narration, which impresses each and every cohort of audiences. Not to forget the surprising scenes in the second half that doesn’t give you any option, but clasp your hands for claps.

Getting on with the performance of the stars, we would say, it’s Pattiyal Sekhar delivering a neat and ne plus ultra show. Maybe, he isn’t the best and genius illustration to marvel about, exactly suits the role well with more perfection. To give into a simple term, let both Sekhar and Amid praise up each other.  Regina delivered a role of homely looks in her debut film ‘Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga’, whereas with much difference in her mannerism and kudos-worthy performance wins our appreciations. Others in the star-cast including Siva and Ajay are no exception as fit the role exceptionally well.

The first  few minutes into the film, we are taken through ‘Normal Mode’ of screenplay, but sooner, the gripping narration and tight and intact screenplay keep us more engrossed. Additionally, it’s the background score by Sandeep Chowta that intensifies the film more pleasingly.

If you’re looking out for the best moments, we would say, the intermission point and the penultimate moments of 15 minutes towards end and obviously the convincing climax stand out to be the intriguing constituents of this film.

To put it in simple terms, Rajathanthiram is not a new revolution in Tamil cinema as we are aware such movies, but the first timer Amid and the entire team deserves a great pat on their shoulders for making sure that audiences don’t go out of theatres disappointingly. Yes, there are scenes that will leave you astonished and the ‘Twist’ factors are no exception.

Verdict: Not a ‘Reservoir Dog’ or ‘Italian Job’, but an adrenaline-propelling thriller.