Jai is an easily provoked youth against misdoings. He goes to flower market job in early morning with his elder brother Karunas. Then, he spends his day time in a popular playground which is situated in the middle of that town. With the help of the minister, local politician Marimuthu tries to occupy that ground illegally.

Jai prevails as a hurdle for Marimuthu in his attempt to acquire the ground. To counter the Jai, Marimuthu makes one of the friends of Jai as a Councilor and he himself becomes Chairman. He trickily maneuvers the councilor to act against Jai. But, this attempt also meets fail. Ultimately, the exhausted Marimuthu plans to capture the ground by killing Jai. What happened?

Jai exhibits his talent well in various dimensions. It is completely a local politics. Jai is a furious youth. But, his role leads us to think about the complexity.

The heroine Surabi fits for his character. Karunas does his job wonderfully as a character artist. He reflects the features of the brother sentiment perfectly.

Marimuthu also has played his part very well as a cunning politician. R.J.Balaji and Jai friend are also good selections. This film also resembles some current political trends. But, there are some logical flaws. Had Jai been implied his intelligence in the struggle of securing the playground, it would have been a logical one. Instead, he turns towards violence against the powerful politician. This trend is very ordinary one.

However, it is a simple entertainment film for the people who have not much expectation on this film.