A film by Hari always comes with a bundle of irresistible howling, action sequences, the jerky camera movements, family, sentiments and quite a good dose of comedy. That’s a pretty good reason why everyone loves Hari’s films. Entertainment is always assured and that’s a perfect style to celebrate his movies in theatres.

Poojai has a very simple plot and nothing to complicate with your rational thinking ability. Vasu (Vishal) leads his day lending money for interest. When things get worse between a contract killer Anna Thandavam (Mukesh Tiwari) and a police commissioner (Sathyaraj), Vasu gets into the picture saving the latter. This literally causes a havoc and puts them on bitter terms. But what they don’t know is a irrelevant reason that speaks about the past vengeance that results in loss and revenge seeking mission of Vasu.

It’s been a long time we saw Vishal in an action packed avatar. He proved his prowess in different genre of movies like ‘Pandiya Naadu’ and ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’. Now he is back into his comfort zone of mass heroism. However, he doesn’t try something beyond his usual paradigms and keeps underplaying in places, where has to do it. His emotional acts is perhaps an additional attraction to his performance aspects. Shruthi Haasan gets a meaty role to perform and it’s convincing to see a heroine travel throughout the film without any stereotypical methodology of dream songs and glamour. Soori tickles our funny bones with some good humour and for better , the Adult comedy could be avoided, which might cause a irksome feeling among family audiences. Quite disappointing to see that Hari has come up with such a under the belt comedy and some double entendre lines. Sathyaraj doesn’t get prominence during the first half and his graph of importance strikes the best point during second hour and his punch dialogue during the climax wins the best of applause in theatres. Radhika Sarathkumar has been endowed with a very powerful role and it’s been years we saw her in this characterisation. Others in the cast that includes Jayaprakash, Thalaivasal Vijay, Manobala, Imman Annachi, Kausalya, Sitara, Abhinaya etc all have done their portions well.

On the flip side, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are little disappointing and none of them grasp into our memories.  Some of the background score is appreciable. Priyan’s cinematography adds more raciness to the film’s speedy screenplay.

‘Poojai’ is a treat for family audiences that you can watch together and enjoy. It doesn’t boast of action alone, but emphasises the family relationships and sentiments as well.

Verdict: For the ardent ‘Bhakthars’ of family entertainer flicks.