Pasanga 2 – Review

Generally, cinema for children is rare in Tamil industry. It seldom speaks about the children’s challenges. Following the films ‘Pasanga’ and ‘Merina’, director Pandiraj brings out the film for children in the name of ‘Pasanga 2’. He has created the new world for children in this film. To add additional value for this film, popular actor Surya has acted in this film. He is the producer too.

Parents’ infliction on their children about the career, insisting their children to dance or sing rhymes in front of others to prove themselves as good parents, providing pressure to score good marks are main concepts of this film. This film teaches us that let the child to grow as its own. Do not compel them.

This film is based on ‘Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder’ (A.D.H.D). They drag the story on present educational system, the frustrated people who had greed for luxurious city life and method of bringing up the child. Director Pandiraj effectively managed to impress us.

The child artists Baby Vaishnavi, Nayana, Nijesh and Abiman have proved their talent. They did not seem as new faces for cinema. We know about the dedication of Surya in his roles in the films. In this movie, he has evolved as a pediatrician and as a teacher as well as a father of two children. Amala pal also played her part well as the wife of Surya.

Munees Kanth has done his job well especially in comedy. His wife Vidya Pradeep is beautiful lady and also a good actress. The young couple Karthik kumar – Bindhu Maathavi have impressed us. Particularly, Bindhu’s performance is remarkable.

Camera man Balasubramaniyam’s job is colorful which will attract even children. Arol Karoli’s music is good. Pandiraj’s dialogues are very effective. ‘Children do not speak bad words but speak the words what they heard’ and ‘do not sow the marks in children but good ethics’ are remarkable dialogues among them.

It is not new for Pandiraj having children as protagonists in his film. He once again has proved his talent as a director in this way.