Papanasam Movie Review

Kamal Haasan – The brand is more than enough to pull the crowd into theatres and when he is there with a remake, there’s no doubt. With ‘Papanasam’, he proves to be a sure-footed winner and how does he outperform the so much acclaimed blockbuster Malayalam hit ‘Drishyam’ (Mohanlal, Meena starrer) is something we will have to watch out in this review.

Let’s keep the plot crisp and revealing more could be a spoiler, though you might have all watched the original version.

Everything remains to be bliss in the family of Kamal Haasan. A beautiful loveable wife (Gowthami) and two daughters (Nivedha Thomas and Esther)… Although, uneducated, Kamal Haasan inspired by various movies tries to implement them in the real life. When his daughter Nivedha is out on an educational tour, a son of reputed police officer (Asha Sharath) captures a bathroom video of Nivedha. As he starts blackmailing her with this, both she and Gowthami accidentally kill him. Now it’s up to Kamal Haasan to clean the things and tackle the police. One condition – He is always ahead of police before they reach a point.

On the performance level, Kamal Haasan doesn’t need a review to acclaim his performance. He has completely changed his style for this role and his dialect in Tirunelveli Tamil is worthy of appreciations. During the first half, he gives into a naturalistically soft performance and in contrary his expressions and emotions established during the post-intermission sequences are remarkable. Gowthami on her part is justifiable for the role, though it would have been nice if Meena was retained. Nivedha Thomas is excellent and Baby Esther deserves more praises. Asha Sharath is stunning and her performance on pars with Kamal Haasan is a real delight to watch out for.

Technically, it’s the background score by Ghibran that becomes a major asset to this film. Especially, during the second half, where the silence without dialogue is needed, he brings more emotions through the background score. Cinematography is at its best and editing has been softly done.

On the whole, Papanasam does a proper justice to the original version and in many places, outperforms. Kudos to the entire team!!! Especially Kamal Haasan for carefully handling the story without adding too much of his ideologies, but pleasantly taking up the modifications wherever necessary with accordance to Jeethu Joseph’s appeal makes Papanasam is worth watchable film not to be missed.

Verdict: An emotional thriller with ‘Genius’ touch.