Pandiya Nadu Movie Review

How would you avenge the murder of your beloved ones? We have seen our heroes from SRK, Aamir Khan and our own guys taking up this herculean task at an ease. But how about an innocent youngster, who shivers at the presence of the baddies and even at their stare? A handful of experiments in action zone for a very long time and now we see Vishal in a different light.

Pandiya Nadu as the title suggests, the story is set in backdrops of Madurai (Vishal’s onscreen native) and a feud happens between two bigwigs Ravi and Sigappu Raja. Sivakumar (Vishal) is a soft ordinary boy (his introduction scene will be a good surprise for its realistic value). He has anything he could ask for – a picture-perfect family with a lovable dad (director Bharathiraja), mom, brother, sister-in-law and their kids. He falls in love with a beautiful teacher (Lakshmi Menon), who is a tenant in his house. His friends (Soori) and Sethu (Vikranth) stand by him all the time. Situations become worse when Sivakumar’s brother is brutally murdered by Ravi and he decides to seek revenge. But things take a turn when he learns that his father has already hired powerful assassins to murder him.

One thing that makes the film more engaging is the engaging screenplay. He is clear about he wants and has set things rights that he missed to accomplish with his previous movies. The film has a running length of 144 minutes and yet you wouldn’t find restless anywhere. Hats off to Vishal for making a hard attempt to shift the paradigms and we promise, if he continues to travel along the same lane, he is sure to capture the showbiz here… Lakshmi Menon looks beautiful and you find her bubbly than her previous movies. She has tried her best in romance and songs and excels to a certain extent. Bharathiraja looks so naturalistic. He made his comeback with Aayutha Ezhuthu and Rettai Suzhi, but this one should have been the one. The baddie in the role of Ravi makes an impressive performance. Soori has improvised a lot with his show and he adds more to the humorous quotient.

The first half moves with a lot of entertainment quotients and second half turns to be more engrossing as you cannot guess what’s going to happen next. If the song ‘Kalachify’ was avoided, the screenplay would have been more effective.

D Imman has surpassed with his musical score, especially in background score. Tons of appreciation to Mathi for a brilliant cinematography. He has shown Madurai in a different style and you’ll wonder is it the same Madurai that our cinematographers and directors have been portraying so far.

Overall, Pandiya Nadu breaks the regular formula of Tamil Cinema and Vishal chooses the best flick for his comeback. Having traversed through the series of flop shows, Vishal is back to the winners’ league in box office.

Verdict: Strictly recommended… Don’t miss it

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