Oviya is out of Big Boss House????

Actress Oviya might have not been a real showstopper of Tamil Nadu, but she became an overnight darling with the entry into Big Boss House. The actress has won the hearts of each and everyone from the platform flower vendors to the top-notch elite club. This wasn’t merely about her appearance and star status, but Tamilians all over the world loved her honesty, childlike innocence and naturalistic approach. Even when her temper had been to the top level, she was highly supported by the people, but now they have a disappointment.

It is 99.99% confirmed that Oviya has walked out of the Big Boss House. Although some of the photos involving her inside the red car has been spreading like viral fire online, it is reported that it was an old picture taken during the shoot in Cochin. But on the other end, it is strongly believed that she is now out of Big Boss House and it will be shown tonight.