Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanikalum

‘Time and Fate’ are inseparable. An unwritten theory in many school textbooks, but a substantial genre that has proved its show in many languages. We already had late cinematographer-director Jeeva have experimented with this style of flick ’12 B’ loosely based on Hollywood movie ‘Sliding Doors’. This time, Chimbu Devan comes up with much more enthralling movie that is based on a similar concept (Don’t blame him for any copycats, the film is just inspired and he dedicates by listing the movies during the final credits).

The film opens with a debate in heaven that happens between Lord Shiva, Bramha and Naradar on how time, people and thoughts we come across can have its effect and change on people. Lord Shiva asks Naradar to choose a person on earth and starts proving his proficiency in style. It’s Arulnidhi on planet who is planning up to kidnap his girlfriend Isabella (Ashritha Shetty) who is forced by her parents to get married. He is supported by his close friends (played by Bindu Madhavi, Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom fame Bhagawathi) and they make smart plans indeed. However, things don’t happen as they had thought and everything ends with the shocking death of Arulnidhi. But Lord Shiva continues to prove his prowess by reversing the drama over and again for next couple of times by fast-forwarding a minute in each version on how it began. Yes, there are lots of refreshing moments, thrilling elements and a twist that comes in the climax and you walk out of theatres with satisfaction (though there are 5 deaths happening the final version – a surprise element).

When it comes to performance, Arulnidhi has done a remarkable show by maturing a lot with his spell. He has been improvising his skills from one film-to-the another. He looks fit and has worked on keeping himself toned and his mannerisms are perfect. Bindu Madhavi is far and more convincing in her performance when compared to her previous ones. This should be her absolute step to land her up into A-league of actresses. Though she doesn’t render more dialogues, her body language works out best results in the frame. Bhagavathi recreates the magic of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom to a greater extent. His dialogue delivers and acts keep us involved in more laughter therapy. Not to miss the other actors – Manobala, Aadukalam Narain, MS Bhaskar and Crane Manohar tickling our funny bones. Ashritha rarely has scenes to appear, but the three flashbacks are more than enough to prove her performance.

The background score creates the right impact in all situations as the script demands. The cinematographer should have undergone a lot of effort in enhancing the script value and excels with it. The editing is little weak in few places and few portions should have been processed with fast cuts and few shots away from repeated again.
Chimbu Devan blends a thriller with some engaging scenes that has only three main locations. The home where the drama begins followed by the ‘Iranian tea stall’ and climax at church and he deserves a special pat for his craftsmanship in penning these sequences.

‘Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaniyum’ is a special and refreshing treat to the universal audiences and will prove to be a winner of this season in spite of many releases coming its way.

Verdict: Don’t miss it if you’re a hardcore fan of new age entertainer.