Orange Mittai Movie Review

Every time Vijay Sethupathi comes up with a film, we can expect something more unique from this actor. Irrespective of how a film performs or what the genre is, he takes up the role based on the prominence and excels accordingly. Well, his previous outing ‘Purampokku’ was a great illustration and it carved a niche for him. Now for the first time, he forays into the industry as a producer with Biju Vishwanath’s Orange Mittai that stars him as a 55-yr old sick patient. The film has musical score by Justin Prabhakaran, who earlier made his debut through Vijay Sethupathi’ Pannaiyarum Padminiyum. Ramesh, Aarumugam and Aashritha are the others in the cast.

Sathya (Ramesh) is in vain of missing his father during the first death anniversary. He is in love with Kavya (Aashritha) and he gain her father’s approval visits home. But he gives some orders of quitting his job as EMT in ambulance job and run his business. This disappoints Sathya and during this moment, he gets a call from 55-yr old patient with heart attack Kailasam (Vijay Sethupathi). With a funny ambulance driver Aarumugam, the journey starts and this is where the contrastive characters of Sathya and Kailasam come together though filled with difference of opinions towards the lives.

Firstly, it’s Vijay Sethupathi who steals the show with an impeccable performance and this is something none from the A-league had attempted before for a very long time. It really deserves a lot of boldness to shed the romantic soft image and come up with an unconventional role. Ramesh on the other end in lead role making a best impressive spell… The scenes involving both Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh are extraordinary. Sometimes humorous and other times emotionally bonding. Aarumugam as ambulance driver keeps the laughter moments happening at full swing. Aashritha looks cute with her expressions and delivers a commendable performance.

One of the strongest elements in this film is the short duration with a running length of 105 minutes. Biju Viswanath has very well created the basic plot with crisp narration that involves emotions and humour together. Even the small characters are very well sketched and they get a decent scope.

Musical score by Justin Prabhakaran is mesmerising, especially his background score elevate the visual impact created by performers and Biju’s cinematography. The songs ‘Theerathey En Aasaigal’ and ‘Payanangal’ are splendidly attention grabbing.

More specially, the film doesn’t bore us anywhere and it belongs to a drama-comedy genre befitting what it requires. The film is sure to gain more awards for Vijay Sethupathi and it’s one of the best movies in his entire career.

Orange Mittai is an emotional punch of bittersweet moments that bonds us gradually with the journey of these guys on the screens.

Verdict: Impeccable, Impressive and Ignition of emotions