Ner Ethir Movie Review

Actor Richard had a better debut with Kathir’s Kadhal Virus that had a poignant story laced with beautiful music. But during the latter course of time, his choice of movies differed from what other actors were doing… Although exceptional in themes and plots, it didn’t garner him the right kind of response. This film ‘Ner Ethir’ seems to be one among this bandwagon. Remember? The actor had worked on a little similar film that starred Shaam in lead role as well, which was a remake of ‘Aitraaz’. However, this one seems to be more off a little difference and here’s an exclusive review on this film.

Soon after the betrothal, Kathir (Parthy) finds himself in a discombobulated scenario when he finds his fiancée Isha (Vidhya) has stealthily booked a room in hotel. Unbearable to what he witnesses in his raw eyes, he seeks the help of his close friend Karthik (Richard). Unexpectedly things turn out to be a bizarre when Karthik’s girlfriend Nethra (Aishwarya) also gets to the same place. Stranded amidst this terrible situation, the characters are crisscrossed and the climax gets shocker than you predicted.

Sometimes, even the worst films grab our attention when read on its synopsis in IMDBs. Yes, that’s how things would have been when a filmmaker are screenwriter arrives with an one-line story or maybe in two lines. But the problem occurs with the translation and this one is an ample evidence. The filmmaking style by Jaya Pradeep is quite appreciation, but the problem comes with his style of storytelling. Yes, the momentum gets scattered in few places, but the short duration makes it compelling to watch. The performers have their best breathed into the characters, but again there is a sense of missing element somewhere in the script. Technically, it’s all about the earnest attempt of cinematographer Rasamathi and Editor Gopi Krishna, who have very well brought out the visuals within a single location with best spell.

When everything goes well with story and technical aspects along with some decent performances of five actors, the film stumbles down with the inclusion of some unwanted elements that director has added precisely for the name sake of entertainment.

Verdict: Crisp but little amateur

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