natpathikaram-79 review

The movie ‘Natpathikaaram-79’ has been directed by the ever green popular movie ‘KannethireThondrinaal’ director Ravichandran.

Crorpathi girl Pooja falls in love with middle class Jeeva. On the other side, London industrialist’s son Arvind falls in deep love with Maha who is the daughter of temple priest (M.S.Baskar). Both of the pairs meet each other and become thick friends.

With provoking by friends, Arvind decides to marry Maha in registrar office. He intimates Maha to come to registrar office on morning. But, after hearing the message that his father was caught up by London police, he leaves for London without any information.

Without knowing this, Maha leaves home after writing a letter. By this shock incident, the father of Maha meets with heart attack. Hence, Maha seeks the help of Jeeva. Jeeva and his family do lot to save the life of Maha’s father. By misconception, both families think that Jeeva loves Maha. So, they arrange marriage for them surprisely.

After hearing this news, Jeeva and Maha get mental shock as well as their lovers. Arvind and Pooja decide to part way with their lovers. Moreover, they deny heeding their explanations. In this crucial juncture, the father of Maha comes across the truth. What happened finally? – Please go to theatre.

Raj Bharath (Jeeva), Amjathjohn (Arvind), Reshmimenon (Maha) and Thejasvi (Pooja) did not make any mistake in their part. But, director Ravichandran have made so many mistakes in their characterization. M.S.Baskar and SubbuPanchu have done their job well.

There are big logical flaws in the scenes regarding the lovers. It fails to consider the today’s technological developments. Director Ravichandran tests the patience of the fans by making scenes inappropriate with the time.