Nanbenda Movie Review

It’s a common thing we find in many filmmakers, where their mentors would have laid an invisible inspiration to follow the same pattern of filmmaking and storytelling pattern. But Jagadeesh seems to have gained more of this structuring from his mentor Rajesh. The film ‘Nanbenda’ starring Udhayanidhi Stalin and Nayantara in lead roles along with Santhanam is releasing worldwide today and Behind Frames brings you an exclusive analysis of this flick.

Sathya (Udhayanidhi Stalin) has eloped from Central prison with an infuriating desire to kill someone who has jailed him up for the crime he didn’t commit. Commuting us to the flashback, we find him happily roaming up the lanes of Tanjore pampered by his parents. As it happens every month, he doesn’t miss to meet his friend (Santhanam), a hilarious operation manager at 2.5 star hotel in Trichy. When he comes across a good looking girl (Nayantara), he decides to put up his stay there and marry her. Apparently, with things proceeding at good scenario, Sathya is blown out of water knowing about the secret past of his ladylove as she unravels it. However, it’s suspense of what actually happened to Sathya that has pushed him to prison and the story is narrated with present and flashback situations.

Bringing up the brilliant flash points of the film, we have to appreciate cinematographer Balasubramaniam and music director Harris Jayaraj, who make the film more colourful and somewhere enjoyable. Director Jagadeesh has conceptualised a normal but convincing story with some twists in the tale, but the basic problem comes with the presentation. The screenplay turns out to be unamusing with lack of interest. It seems like the right time has come for the directors to work more on Udhayanidhi-Santhanam combination. We aren’t blaming that the same combo actors seen over and again, but it’s up the director for portraying them efficiently. Nayantara looks glamorous and her appearance in songs is fabulous. The point, where she reveals her flashback expresses her best performance.

Overall, Nanbenda has a decent star-cast and technicians. If the film was made with engrossing elements, which would have made it easier for audiences to enjoy. The film has some funny moments here and there, but if made with a story something different and unique, the audiences would have completely enjoyed.

Verdict: Enjoyable… But could have been better