Movie Review – Vaalu

STR was quite synonymous with lots of headlines, controversies, film release delays and lots more that added up higher intensity to this romantic comedy ‘Vaalu’. The film was supposed to hit screens before three years, but was inside cans due to heavy financial crisis. In fact, there has been more drama outside the film with many celebrities getting in and some controversies of cold vibes striking up. Finally, the big day has arrived for STR fans and let us checks out whether this film lives up to the expectation levels of the fans…

One thing that has to be clear before watching this film… You might wait and wait till the intermission and you might even keep looking up post-intermission. The result – There is no story, no surprises and nothing that will turn you excited. But if you are a hardcore STR fan, then you’ll enjoy this show even with these pre-mentioned factors. Yes, Vijay Chander has completely written the story with the aims of fulfilling the desires of STR fans.

Leading a happy life with no job, but good parents including a loveable and affectionate father, STR has a picture perfect life. His father is so caring that he advises his son to clean up the toilet with extra buckets of water after boozing as urinary smell would indicate others about his habit. Such is the affinity and bonding they share. STR has humorous friends as in his previous films like Santhanam and VTV Ganesh cheerfully boozing, smoking and sometimes involved in the clashes with others. He falls in love with a beautiful girl (Hansika Motwani) and later on becoming acquainted with her gets to know that she is already fixed with marriage to cousin boy (Aditya), who happens to be a powerful kingpin in Chennai. The story involves around these characters and ends on a happy note.

Seemingly, after reading this synopsis, we are pretty clear that you would perceive. The film doesn’t carry a strong or something unusual story. It travels very light with no twists and turns, surprises. But naturally, the mannerisms, body language and the sweet romantic expressions of STR are finely done. In fact, he has reduced his voice and level of approach to mass scenes with decency, which brings him in new dimension. On the flip side, Hansika Motwani looks dull and expresses the same gestures and body language that she has been predominantly doing for ages. Santhanam and VTV Ganesh much alike their previous spell with STR evoke laughter. Newcomer Aditya as baddie maintains a good status throughout the film and when everyone expects there is going to be a heavy clash between him and STR, the twist of fun and surprise during later part in climax.

The first half has some lively and enjoyable moments, but as it happens audiences expect that there would be some story and twist during second hour. Unfortunately, the same scenario continues and there doesn’t happen to be anything special except for STR fans who whistle and clap throughout the show for his dance, style and dialogue delivers.

Musical score by Thaman is just okay, but he has improvise a lot and cinematography along with editing is crisply and stylishly done.

Overall, Vaalu stands out to be a bigger celebration for Young Superstar Silambarasan fans and they are sure to have a bash in theatres, but for the rest, it would be something of an ordinary tale that should be watched without any expectations.

Verdict: Exclusively for STR fans